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Signs of Termites

Is your home infested with termites? You may be housing these pests and not even realize it. Termites can be hard to identify if you are not carefully looking for them. The following are some common signs of colonies residing in and around your home:

termites-4- Small dirt tubes along floorboards or outside walls of the home.
- Wood that is supposed to be solid but sounds hollow when tapped.
- Any type of damaged wood in or near the home.
- Nests in trees or bushes near the home.
- Swarms of termites near window sills and sources of indoor light.
- Piles or bits of discarded transparent wings.

You may be wondering how these pests enter your home. There are several types of termites, and each one enters the house in its own way. Termites that thrive off of moisture and normally reside in the soil or in damp wood may enter the home through tunnels and mud tubes. They often sneak under the house and take up residence there. If the termites thrive off of dry wood, they usually find a crevice around a window or other small opening into the home to enter through. Even the tiniest space is enough to accommodate a termite, so it is important to make sure the house is sealed well.

Let the Professionals at Better Termite help

If a termite infestation is left untreated or even undetected, these pests can destroy your home's foundation, your garage and wood structures on your property in a short amount of time. Whether you simply suspect a termite problem or have positively identified one, it is important to have an immediate inspection. For fast, reliable and professional service, call Better Termite to obtain a free quote. We have been serving Alexandria since 1968!