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The land around Arlington is quite swampy. This means that mosquitoes and other pests will likely disrupt your life at home and at work. If you want to have a safe indoor environment and want to be able to enjoy the outdoors without being bombarded by dangerous and annoying pests, you want to consult with Better Termite Pest Control.
Our experienced technicians use the most effective methods of Arlington pest control so that you remain safe.

Arlington Pest Control

There are a variety of pests that affect homes and businesses around Arlington, so we provide an all-in-one program. This protects your property all year so that you have peace of mind that pests will not cause problems. Our Arlington pest control experts perform preventative maintenance so that infestations are never issues. For added convenience, we offer affordable payment plans.

Pests We Service

Termite Control

Termites can cause tremendous damage to your home or office facility. They are likely to be found in older homes, but they can cause costly trouble anywhere that wood exists. Since termites enjoy moist areas, they are commonly found near foundations. Poor ventilation in crawlspaces creates havens for these pests as well. Our termite control experts inspect your property to uncover hidden places were termites may cause problems.
Then, they will create a specialized treatment plan for your individual needs. One of our most effective treatments involves the “Advance Termite Bait System.” Termites feed on the bait and bring it back to their colonies. In time, the problem goes away.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are known to carry terrible diseases, including West Nile. When you are experiencing an infestation, you want to keep everyone safe. Even if you are bit by a mosquito that does not make you sick, you will likely suffer with extremely itchy welts. To prevent and treat issues, Better Termite Pest Control has you covered.

We will identify any places where mosquitoes hide and will service your property. Certain times, we apply larvicide to places where standing water accumulates. However, we use these chemicals sparingly. Also, we use a spray-mist application to kill adult mosquitoes. We explain how to keep mosquitoes from returning as well.

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At Better Termite Pest Control, your safety is our top priority. We use eco-friendly and effective Arlington pest control methods so that your property is free of infestations. Our family-owned business takes pride in our services to both residential and commercial clients. To schedule an inspection or get a free quote contact our team today!


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Judith Handjinicolaou
Judith Handjinicolaou
16:11 24 Nov 22
I have been using... better termites and pest control since 1995 when I was recommended to them by the builder that built my home back then. Since then I moved and I went into a townhouse development where you have neighbors and those neighbors affect how you care for your property. Better termites and pest control has been providing me yearly termite inspections, I do exterior treatments for all sorts of different pests six times a year and if I ever have a problem, which I have not, they will come out and identify the problem and tend to it. George the owner is responsive, and caring and I wouldn't go anywhere else. This is an industry where you really have to know what is being provided, the chemicals that are being used, and that services are being done, especially if you're not home for every visit. Better termites and pest control is also quite fair in their pricing and it's a small family-run business. I recommend them more
JB Grimm
JB Grimm
16:07 24 Nov 22
Rob was extremely... professional. On time. Explained the program fully. Very satisfied!read more
David Smyth
David Smyth
17:17 23 Nov 22
Professional and... more