When summer arrives in Reston, Virginia, pests often do too. As lovely as the weather may be, pests like mosquitoes, bees and termites can put a major damper on things in homes around the area. Like many homeowners who discover infestations of these and other common pests, you’re probably perplexed by their arrival. How did they get into your home? How can you get them out? What’s the best way to keep them from getting back in again?

Bees, Mosquitoes and Termites: The Basics

The most common sign of a bee or mosquito infestation is simply seeing the pests in various parts of the home. In the case of bees, you may also stumble upon a nest. Termites tend to be sneakier, but some types leave tiny piles of feces or cause walls and ceilings to sag. Discarded termite wings may also be found around the home.

How do these pests make their way into your home in the first place? In most cases, they do so through impossibly small openings. Your home may not be as adequately sealed as you think. Termites can burrow in from beneath the home. Debris piles directly next to the home are very popular entry points for these pests.


Termites can cause extensive damage to a home. Bees and mosquitoes can make life miserable with stings and bites. There’s no doubt about it: Getting these pests out of the home is of the utmost importance. As eager as you are to rid your Reston home of these invaders, your efforts are likely to fall flat. To make absolutely certain that they are gone once and for all, call on the experts at Better Termite. We are the name to trust for superior bee, mosquito and termite control in Reston. Contact us now to get started!