You may wonder how you can tell if your home has been infested by termites. It is easy to mistake termites for other insects, such as ants. The most obvious sign is the discovery of a winged termite indoors. You can distinguish a termite from other insects by its’ straight antennae, uniformed waists and wings. It is certainly difficult to distinguish between winged ants and termites so your best course of action is to give Better Termite and Pest Control a call.

Where Termites Dwell

Termites are attracted to light so you will most likely spot them near windows or doors. You may also see tubes about the width of a pencil on foundation walls. This is the termite colony’s protection as they travel between the inside of your home and underground. It is crucial that you give us a call if you make this discovery.

We realize that choosing a termite control company can be overwhelming. There are a number of companies in the area. Better Termite is licensed by the Department of Agriculture and is a Quality Pro designated company. We offer specialized service to suit your needs. Our trained technicians will listen to your termite concerns and will discuss a treatment plan that will work for you. Getting rid of termites requires a trained professional.  We have been exterminating termites since 1968.  We serve everywhere from Fredericksburg to Annandale.  Whether you have termite problems in Leesburg, Ashburn, Fairfax or Reston, we can come and take care of the job for you.

A Termite Control Company You can Trust

There are many entry points and our technicians are trained to find all of them, including those that are sometimes hidden. It is also important to know that termiticides undergo extensive review before they can be registered with the EPA. Better Termite is dedicated to providing careful and effective termite treatments. We use only products that we feel safe using daily and while treating our own family homes.

Call today for one of our expert termite treatments and preventive treatments or sign up for our All-in-One Program where pest control and termite protection are available for one affordable price.  We also offer preconstruction termite control.