Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne disease.

There are many measures you, as a homeowner, can perform to prevent mosquitoes and we, at Better Termite & Pest Control, are proud to share them with you.

Common Mosquito Breeding Areas

Pet Water Bowl
Bird Bath
Dirty Gutters
Potted Plants With Drainage Tray
Standing Water
Old Tires
Water Filled Tree Hole

Prevention Checklist

Use the following checklist to inspect your property and eliminate standing water.

Artificial Containers

    Potted plants with pans underneath
    Roof gutters that are plugged with leaves or unleveled and holding water
    Pet dishes
    Trash or “spare items” such as children’s toys
    Watering troughs
    Old tires
    Rain or irrigation barrels
    Unused or poorly maintained pools
    Boats or trailers, dry docked or unused
    Bird baths and other ornamental objects
    Water gardens
    Open septic tanks
    Bottles, jars, cans
    Buckets, pails
    Flower pots, urns
    Garbage cans, lids
    Garden equipment
    Sandbox, wading pool
    Underneath decks
    Open crawl spaces
    Storage sheds
    Storm drains

Manmade Depressions

    Drainage ditches with emergent vegetation
    Standing water in low grassy areas, tire tracks
    Flat roofs that get lots of leaf litter or have clogged drains
    Manmade ponds with emergent vegetation
    Septic ditches
    Open latrines

Natural Breeding Sites

    Bromeliads or other plants that hold water
    Natural ponds with emergent vegetation
    Tree holes

Emergent Vegetation in Standing Water

    Check roots of emergent aquatic vegetation for larvae in areas of standing water.